Out at the Bar

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A man was sitting in a bar, on one side of him sat an emu, the other
a cat. He ordered a round of drinks for the three of them and paid
the bartender. The bartender brought their drinks and the three sat
in silence drinking.

A short while later the bartender came back and asked if they would
like another round, the cat indicated yes and the bartender poured
another round and moved towards the cat for payment. The cat turned
his head away and ignored the bartender, so the man reached into his
pocket and took out money and paid the bartender.

After a while the bartender returned, asking if they would like
another drink. This time the emu indicated yes, and another round
was poured, the emu placed the money on the bar and the three
continued drinking.

This continued all night, each time it came to the cat, the cat
continued to turn it's head and ignore the bartender when payment
was required. Finally, with the man in tears, cryng harder each time
it was the cat's turn, the bartender, unable to contain his
curiosity any longer asked the man what the situation was - he'd
been in the bar all night drinking with an emu and a cat, and each
time it was the cat's turn, it turned away, yet the emu paid up with
no problems.

"Well", says the man "I found this lamp washed up on the beach, as I
was rubbing it clean, a genie appeared and granted me a wish. I
thought long and hard, then wished for a chick with long legs and a
tight pussy."

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