New PGA rules

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The PGA has implemented an immediate rule change for all sanctioned tournament events within Southern regions of the state of Florida.

Section XV.3.A.2.2 - Notification of errant shots

All errant shots are hereby made known to other golfers by calling out the word "GORE" while the ball is still in flight, thus replacing the former call of "FORE". The name change is accompanied by an added rule change as noted in the subsequent section.

Exclusion 1. - Replay of any shot of a non-dimpled ball that is hit to an undesired lie is strictly forbidden.

Exclusion 2. - Any player, whose first name is Chad and does not fall off of the golf cart prior to making the original errant shot, is excluded from the rule change and must hit from the resulting lie.

Section XV.3.A.2.3 - Errant shot "Do-overs"(This rule is applicable only to members of the National Democratic Party)

All errant shots resulting in the ball coming to rest in a position on the course that does not meet with the players intended lie, and only if the said player calls out "GORE" while the ball was in flight, may replace and replay the ball, with no penalty of stroke play.

If the number of replayed shots causes delay in stroke play by more than one hour, the deadline is extended indefinitely until such time as the player can claim the hole.

Footnote: This revision is causing some consternation to the PGA however, proponents state that every shot must have the opportunity to be made to the best of its ability and it is only fair, thus the governing body has no power to uphold its by-laws.

Side bar: A recent test of this revision was recently observed at an exclusive club in Palm Beach County and the first hole only took 19 days to complete.

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