Things Grandma Said Before She Died

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10. "Come closer." *COUGH*

9. "Hey. Hey! Lemme out of here! Don't you people check for a pulse?"

8. "You're in my will, and yes, my insurance is paid up. Why do you

7. "That's Odd."

6. "Now, let's see. Left onto the Autobahn..."

5. "What do you mean PURGE? I thought the button said NURSE!!!"

4. "Dang volume control won't work! Hey...why are the numbers on my
I.V. machine changing?"

3. "For God's sake, Harold! You're a total IDIOT! Get that live wire
out of here! I'm trying to take a bath. Harold?"

2. "Won enough, already??? Well, you tell this 'Godfather' person that
I'm not done playing yet. Now, which way to the roulette tables?"

1. "Elevator out? Nonsense! They just want to keep us old people up
here. Well, I'm not falling for it!"

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